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All functions

bSpline() ibs() dbs() bsp()
B-Spline Basis for Polynomial Splines
bernsteinPoly() bpoly()
Generalized Bernstein Polynomial Basis Functions
cSpline() csp()
C-Spline Basis for Polynomial Splines
deriv(<BSpline>) deriv(<MSpline>) deriv(<ISpline>) deriv(<CSpline>) deriv(<BernsteinPoly>) deriv(<NaturalSpline>) deriv(<NaturalSplineK>)
Derivatives of Spline Basis Functions
iSpline() isp()
I-Spline Basis for Polynomial Splines
Extract Knots from the Given Object
mSpline() msp()
M-Spline Basis for Polynomial Splines
naturalSpline() nsp() nsk()
Natural Cubic Spline Basis for Polynomial Splines
Visualize Spline Basis Functions
predict(<BSpline>) predict(<MSpline>) predict(<ISpline>) predict(<CSpline>) predict(<BernsteinPoly>) predict(<NaturalSpline>) predict(<NaturalSplineK>)
Compute Spline Function for Given Coefficients
splines2 splines2-package
splines2: Regression Spline Functions and Classes
update(<BSpline>) update(<MSpline>) update(<ISpline>) update(<CSpline>) update(<BernsteinPoly>) update(<NaturalSpline>) update(<NaturalSplineK>)
Update Spline Basis Functions