intsurv 0.2.2 2021-01-08

New features

  • Added AIC to outputs of fitted Cox cure models.
  • Added a new argument named cv_nfolds to cox_cure_net() and for model selection by cross-validation.
  • Added new arguments named surv_offset and cure_offset for optional offset terms in survival model component and incidence model component, respectively, to cox_cure(),, cox_cure_net(), and One or more offset terms can be also specified via corresponding formula.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue caused by zeros in specified surv_l1_penalty_factor and cure_l1_penalty_factor for cox_cure_net() and Thank Sy Han Chiou for reporting this issue.

intsurv 0.2.1 2019-12-18

Minor changes

  • Moved C++ header files to inst/include/ so that they can be linked by other packages.
  • Added testing suite with help of the tinytest package.
  • Adjusted default maximum number of iterations in M-steps for possibly faster convergence in function cox_cure and cox_cure_net.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed weight indices in function cIndex.

intsurv 0.2.0 2019-08-03

New features

  • Added function cox_cure for fitting regular Cox cure rate model and an extended Cox cure rate model for right-censored data with uncertain event status.
  • Added function cox_cure_net for fitting regularized Cox cure rate model for right-censored data with possible uncertain event status.
  • Added function cIndex for computing concordance index with possible weights.
  • Added function simData4cure for simulating survival data with possible uncertain event status.

intsurv 0.1.0-alpha.2 Unreleased

Major changes

  • Added methods for parameters’ initialization.

intsurv 0.1.0-alpha.1 Unreleased

New features

  • Alpha version of the package for paper submission and ease of reproducing main simulation results.