An S4 class generic function that returns the estimated baseline rate function.

baseRate(object, ...)

# S4 method for rateReg
baseRate(object, level = 0.95, control = list(), ...)



An object used to dispatch a method.


Other arguments for future usage.


An optional numeric value indicating the confidence level required. The default value is 0.95.


An optional list to specify the time grid where the baseline rate function is estimated. The availble elements of the control list include grid, length.out, from and to. The time grid can be directly specified via element grid. A dense time grid is suggested. Element length.out represents the length of grid points. The dafault value is 1,000. Element from means the starting point of grid with default 0. Element to represnts the endpoint of grid with the right boundary knot as default. When grid is missing, the grid will be generated by seq (from package base) with arguments from, to and length.out.


A baseRate object.


  • baseRate,rateReg-method: Estiamted baseline rate from a fitted model.

See also

rateReg for model fitting; summary,rateReg-method for summary of a fitted model; plot,baseRate.rateReg-method for ploting method.


## See examples given in function rateReg.